Wedding Rings

Our Rhiannon Welsh Gold wedding bands are entirely hand made from gold bars melted and poured by us before being hand rolled, sized and finished in our workshops. This entire process is not that far removed from the way in which bands would have been made by our predecessors hundreds, even thousands of years ago! As well as making wedding bands in Rhiannon Welsh Gold we can also do so in standard gold or platinum, once again finishing them by hand in our workshop.

We feel it is important that such significant items are made to your individual specification rather than being off the shelf items. We also have a range of patterned bands in both Welsh Gold and standard gold.

We are happy to offer a discount on your wedding bands if you have also come to us for your engagement ring.

Our rings are available in a range of widths (between 2mm and 6mm are most popular) and in domed, flat and rounded profiles. Please note that these are hand made and finished and the flat profile, in particular, will have softer edges than the sharp corners of a machined band.

Pure Welsh Gold Bands

Very occasionally, and by request only, we make a small number of pure Welsh Gold bands. Contact us for more information.

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