Commission Pieces

There is always something extra special about designing and making a piece of jewellery with, and exclusively for, a customer. This process can take anything from six weeks up to a year and it is inevitable that we get to know the customer and that the creation of the piece becomes very personalised. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of the items created in this way are truly magnificent and striking as they combine our skills and expertise with customer design, creativity and influences. The whole is often greater than the sum of the parts. Between the inputs of our design and production team we have calculated that some of these pieces benefit from over 135 years of jewellery experience in their creation. It is often a wrench to see them leave the workshop!

Unique rings

The complexity of the design process can be matched to your needs - from setting a gemstone of your choice in a ring that has already been designed to take a stone; through incorporating a stone into an existing ring design, in a metal of your choice, e.g. white gold or rose gold; to melting down an old ring or rings and creating a completely new design. Contact us to discuss your idea.

Unique pendants

Other unique pieces

Contact us for a price or for more information about commissioning an unique piece:

More Information about Commission Pieces
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