Our Triple Quality Promise

  • 1. 90-day money-back guarantee

    We want you to absolutely love your new Rhiannon jewellery. If you are not entirely satisfied with your item, for any reason whatsoever, please return it to us within 90 days, unworn, and in its original condition and packaging, for a full refund or replacement. (This guarantee does not cover custom made or personalised items. You must have bought the item directly from us, and will need to arrange and pay for the postage. You will also need to return any promotional or discounted items received as part of the same transaction.)

  • 2. Lifetime manufacturing guarantee

    Our silver and goldsmiths are highly skilled, and they take great pride in carrying out their work to the highest standards. If you find any manufacturing defect in your jewellery item within the lifetime of the item, please return the item to us for a free repair or replacement. (You must have bought the item directly from us. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, loss, chemical damage, damage incurred since manufacture, or items that have been repaired or modified by a third party.)

  • 3. Lifetime exchange guarantee

    Rhiannon jewellery is made from the highest quality materials and has been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, and beyond! We will exchange any standard Rhiannon jewellery item, however old and worn, for a new item of the same design, for half of its current retail price, forever. (This guarantee does not apply to limited edition items, custom made or personalised items, and the small number of items that can no longer be made in their original form. You must have bought the item directly from us.)