Repairs and Reconditioning

Is your jewellery looking tired? Has it languished in a drawer for too long? If so, the answer is to take advantage of our reconditioning service. We can clean and re-polish your jewellery, check settings if required and return your items as new.

If your ring needs re-sizing or needs beads inserted, or even if you have a piece of jewellery that has suffered damage, we can assess the piece and give you a quote for repairing it.

We also offer our repair and reconditioning service for jewellery made by other high quality jewellery manufacturers, as well as Rhiannon's own pieces, but we reserver the right to decline work that may risk damaging the item.

The document below gives an idea of the cost of the types of work we can undertake, but the first step in almost all cases will be a clean and check, so that our jewellers can assess the cleaned item thoroughly first, before quoting a price for any further work they may deem necessary. Unfortunately, it is not possible to correctly assess a piece from photos, nor before it has been thoroughly cleaned. But you are welcome to post your item to us by registered post, with your phone number and full return address, to be cleaned and checked according to the price list below, and for an assessment and a quote for any further work required. You will not be obliged to have any further work carried out by us, but we do ask that you pay the cost of returning your item by registered post. Rhiannon's own pieces will receive a 50% discount on the prices below.

Contact us for more information about our repairs and reconditioning service:

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