Corporate Items

Rhiannon can design and produce a single item or range of items for your company or organisation. We’ve featured some examples below. Costs are often very reasonable and volumes can be small once design and origination have been covered. Many logos, emblems, coats of arms lend themselves well to adaptations as lapel pins, cufflinks, or even earrings and pendants. Most designs will work as unisex badges for staff, alumni or as corporate gifts. A handmade silver pin will make quite an impression, while a gold pin can make a memorable gift for service, or in recognition of a significant contribution.

Welsh Assembly Special Presentation Pin WI Centenary Brooch Troad y Rhod

The Welsh Assembly Special Presentation Pin was originally commissioned by Welsh Government to be given as a special gift to world leaders visiting the country for the NATO summit Wales 2014. The design being especially apt as the dragon is a national symbol whilst its daffodil tongue serves as a symbol of peace. We believe that the Welsh Government’s intention is to use this design as an unique Welsh gift for visiting delegates and for future trade missions. It is a great source of pride for us that we have been selected and recognised as providing an unique product which can represent the best of Wales in this way.

Developed with and on behalf of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, the WI Centenary Brooch is a commemorative celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2015. These are impressive handmade brooches which we hope will be worn with great delight by members of the WI for many years to come. We firmly believe that corporate badges of any kind can and should be beautiful and valuable objects in their own right and we are very pleased to have been able to provide these for the NFWI.

Rhiannon was commisioned to design Troad y Rhod for OPRA Cymru’s inaugural concert on 21st June 2009. The longest day of the year is known traditionally in Wales as Troad Y Rhod – the turn of the wheel. Rhiannon found that the symbolism of the ‘turn of the wheel’ seemed particularly appropriate in this piece, designed exclusively for OPRA Cymru to coincide with its first project embarking on a wholly new venture to Wales – performing opera for the people of Wales in Welsh.

Prizes and Ceremonial Pieces

Rhiannon can also provide unique awards and prizes for competitions, or ceremonial centre-pieces.

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