I had every intention of writing something about jewellery for men and how our appreciation of what is suitable has changed over the millenia. However, last night my mother had puppies – or rather, Pegi, her Cardigan Corgi did. Two arrived relatively smoothly but then disaster struck and my mother believed she had lost the rest by early morning – fortunately out they came (with a little assistance from our wonderful vets) and Pegi is the proud mother of seven in her second and last litter.  

To celebrate I feel I must write tonight’s blog all about how wonderful the Ceredigion Corgi is as a breed. A particularly apt breed for us as it is said to date back in Britain for over three thousand years making it one of the oldest native dog breeds of all. We at Rhiannon trace our own heritage and our artistic roots way back into the depths of British history too so we are well matched. 

Corgi is Welsh for dwarf dog and the breed is a small, compact, efficient and purposeful companion indeed. Extraordinarily loyal, intelligent and capable of learning over 300 separate command tasks, these were the drovers’ dogs when they crossed the mountains from Tregaron in the nineteenth century. They make excellent herd dogs and can collect animals from pasture without human attendance when fully trained.  

Normally they only whelp 2-6 puppies so Pegi has done well – she has had fifteen pups in all between her two litters.  

We shall no doubt revisit the puppies as they grow up – how could we not? 

 In the meantime, the men’s jewellery blog can be well and truly bumped to a later date!