A picture of 'Silver Llywela Pendant''
A picture of\'Silver Llywela Pendant\'

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Code: S155a
Price: £125.00
Category: Pendants
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 16x35mm
Earrings: 18''(45cm) Silver Trace Chain

Silver Llywela Pendant £125.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: On demand*
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Celtic knotwork designs have always been popular items in our range. They are now perhaps more meaningful than ever, symbolising the eternal cycles and complex inter-relationships of our world.

Rhiannon has named these new designs after her succession of faithful and much loved Irish Wolfhounds, each one her companion and inspiration for 10 years or so, but now sadly departed. There were eight altogether, so more designs to follow!

With heart shapes incorporated, Buddug commemorates a very special companion hound who never left Rhiannon’s side. The name means “guide” or “leader”.

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