A picture of '18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin's Prophecy Necklet''
A picture of\'18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin's Prophecy Necklet\'

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Code: D915n
Price: £3345.00
Category: Necklets
Medium: 18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 59x9mm
Chain: 16''(40cm) 18ct Gold Trace Chain (split)

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin's Prophecy Necklet £3345.00

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: Limited stock
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In the 5th century, the British King Vortigern was betrayed by Saxon mercenaries, who conquered his lands and forced him back into the mountainous safety of Snowdonia. But each time he laid foundations for a castle, they became rubble overnight. Vortigern concluded that evil forces were to blame, and decided to deal with them by sacrificing a young boy named Merlin. He told Vortigern that the foundations collapsed because two dragons lived in a deep pool under the castle. When this pool had been discovered and drained two dragons appeared and fought a long airborne battle, in which the white dragon started the stronger, but was eventually defeated by the red. Both dragons then sank into the ground beneath Snowdon, where they are said to remain still. Merlin’s prophecy was that the red dragon represented the Britons, battling against the white dragon of the Saxons. A long struggle between the two peoples lay ahead, but the Britons would eventually triumph. When that happened, they would reclaim the land taken from them by the Saxons, and their island would be known as Britain once again.

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