A picture of '9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Manod Ring''
A picture of\'9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Manod Ring\'

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Code: W903r
Price: £995.00
Category: Rings
Medium: 9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 7mm wide; H - T

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Manod Ring £995.00

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: Limited stock
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The elaborate knotwork in this ring was inspired by patterns on a lake near Rhiannon's home. Llyn Fanod (Manod Lake) is a small and very deep lake, high up in the hills of West Wales. The strong winds which blow over the lake make it beautiful in the summer, but quite desolate in the winter. They create complex swirls and eddies, and fascinating patterns over the surface of the lake, which always glisten in the sunset. The original knotwork design had to be out of the ordinary to reflect this - it is an unusual, asymmetric knotwork pattern, designed by Rhiannon to be clearly different to traditional patterns.