A picture of '9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Prysor Earstuds''
A picture of\'9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Prysor Earstuds\'

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Code: W902s
Price: £795.00
Category: Earrings and Earstuds
Medium: 9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 12x12mm
Earrings: 9ct Gold Butterflies

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Prysor Earstuds £795.00

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: On demand*
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This design is closely based on a small Celtic bronze ornament found in north Wales, near Cwm Prysor. It is an elaborated form of the Triskele, a very common Celtic motif, which probably symbolised eternal life, and was later adopted by Christian monks for use in their manuscripts as a representation of the Holy Trinity.

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