A picture of '18ct Gold Small Triple Knot Pin''
  • A picture of\'18ct Gold Small Triple Knot Pin\'
  • A picture of\'18ct Gold Small Triple Knot Pin\'

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Code: E034p
Price: £265.00
Category: Pins & Tiepins
Medium: 18ct Gold
Size: 10 x 10mm
Pin: Clutch Back

18ct Gold Small Triple Knot Pin £265.00

18ct Gold
Available: On demand*
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The triple knot is a perfect representation of the change from pagan Celtic mythology to Celtic Christianity. For the Celts, the number three had a special significance, but it was Christian monks who made an art form out of Celtic knotwork patterns, as they illustrated holy manuscripts with colourful and intricate images. The triple knot became a Trinity Knot, a kind of shorthand for the Holy Trinity, and it was used often on crosses and in religious books and buildings during the early Celtic Christian period.

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