A picture of '18ct Gold Rhiannon's Birds Brooch''
A picture of\'18ct Gold Rhiannon's Birds Brooch\'

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Code: E030b
Price: £1995.00
Category: Brooches
Medium: 18ct Gold
Size: 66 x 15mm
Roller Catch: Yes

18ct Gold Rhiannon's Birds Brooch £1995.00

18ct Gold
Available: On demand*
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The Birds of Rhiannon were three magical birds who accompanied Rhiannon, Queen of the Otherworld. They were never seen but their singing was so sweet that anyone who heard it was immediately transported into a world of unearthly beauty, health and happiness. In the Irish legends the story is almost identical, but the Queen-Goddess is known as Cliodna, the birds are decked in bright plumage, eating from the fruit of the Otherworld apple tree, and their singing would heal the sick.

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