A picture of 'Silver St Non Cross Pendant''
A picture of\'Silver St Non Cross Pendant\'

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Code: S306a
Price: £145.00
Category: Pendants
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 21 x 33mm
Chain: 18''(45cm) Silver Trace Chain

Silver St Non Cross Pendant £145.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Low stock
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Although David, the patron Saint of Wales, was descended from Cunedda, one of the earliest Welsh Kings, he is more often associated with his mother, Non.

Non literally means ‘a nun’ and she was a holy figure in her own right – her chapel is located about a mile away from the Cathedral at St Davids, where she is said to have given birth to David about 500 A.D. The medieval chapel lies on earlier Celtic foundations within a Bronze Age stone circle, and Non’s holy well on this site is one of the most famous in Wales, renowned for its healing properties, especially of eye diseases.

Non was also well-travelled – she has a number of wells and churches dedicated to her in Cornwall. At Altarnun (meaning ‘Non’s altar’) on the north-eastern side of Bodmin Moor lies a holy well in the field above the church, where the spring flows into a bowsening pool (these pools were used to cure the insane and deranged by ritual immersion, followed by prayer for the patient’s recovery).

There is another Cornish site linked to Non at Pelynt. From the well, water trickles into a granite bowl decorated with circle crosses. The design is very similar to a carved stone in St Non’s Chapel in Pembrokeshire, being a plain ring cross typical of very early Christian sites.