A picture of 'Silver White Wheat Pendant''
  • A picture of\'Silver White Wheat Pendant\'
  • A picture of\'Silver White Wheat Pendant\'

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Code: S102a
Price: £125.00
Category: Pendants
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 8 x 30mm
Chain: 18''(45cm) Silver Trace Chain

Silver White Wheat Pendant £125.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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This knotwork design is one of a series inspired by traditional Welsh folk-tunes and the dances which accompanied them – intricate patterns woven by a dozen or more dancers in repeating, unending cycles. This design is named after the song ‘Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn’ (Shepherding the White Wheat), which is a traditional Welsh love song:

I am a young and foolish man
Living a life of fancy
I shepherd the white wheat
And another reaps its bounty.
Oh! Why don't you come after me
Some day we'll be together
Since in my eyes you become
sweeter and sweeter every day.

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