A picture of 'Silver Greyhounds Brooch''
  • A picture of\'Silver Greyhounds Brooch\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Greyhounds Brooch\'

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Code: S042b
Price: £135.00
Category: Brooches
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 54 x 15mm
Roller Catch: Yes

Silver Greyhounds Brooch £135.00

925 Sterling Silver
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The hound is a common motif in Celtic designs - in the legends it is one of the 'totem' animals that guide one to the Otherworld of Annwn. This knotwork design resembles those later Christian manuscripts such as the Books of Kells, Durrow and Lindisfarne but was actually inspired by a little Whippet dog belonging to the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron!

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