A picture of 'Silver Beddgelert Cross Pendant''
A picture of\'Silver Beddgelert Cross Pendant\'

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Code: S014a
Price: £385.00
Category: Pendants
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 36 x 45mm
Chain: 22''(55cm) Silver Rope Chain

Silver Beddgelert Cross Pendant £385.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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A design based on the popular legend of Beddgelert in North wales. While Prince Llywelyn was out hunting, he left his baby son in the care of his faithful hound Gelert, but when he returned he found the dog’s mouth covered in blood, his home in disarray and no sign of the baby. Llywelyn panicked and in his anger struck the dog with his sword, killing him instantly. Seconds later, he heard a faint cry and searching the room, he discovered his little son sleeping quietly alongside the blood stained body of a dead wolf. In his remorse, Llywelyn buried Gelert and marked his grave with a mound and memorial stone. Ever since then, the place has been known as Beddgelert (Gelert’s Grave).

The dog in this design is modelled on the Irish Wolfhound, a direct descendant of the hounds of the Celtic chieftains, which still matches closely with the descriptions in the Welsh and Irish legends.