A picture of 'Silver Preseli Firedrakes Necklet''
A picture of\'Silver Preseli Firedrakes Necklet\'

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Code: S453n
Price: £265.00
Category: Necklets
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 90 x 25mm
Including: Preseli
Chain: 16''(40cm) Silver Rope Chain (split)

Silver Preseli Firedrakes Necklet £265.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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A striking piece which is sure to make a statement.

The dragon was an important motif in Celtic culture, and was often associated with sacred springs or waterways. This design has two Firedrakes, or Dragons, entwined around a piece of Preseli Bluestone.

Preseli Bluestone is a very special kind of stone, so much so that it was taken from West Wales and transported across Britain to build a magnificent stone-age temple at Stonehenge. It is a hard granite containing quartz crystals, but when polished it becomes a dark blue/green with white flecks, reminiscent of the night sky, which perhaps accounts for its importance to our druid ancestors, or it could be its connections with healing and wellbeing.

Rhiannon uses polished cabochon bluestones from the Preseli Hills set in gold or silver to make this striking range of jewellery. The Dragon motif represents the 'earth dragon', a symbol of the Earth's power, as manifested in standing stones, underground streams and wells. The druid understood this power, which they regarded as a divine presence, and used it for healing, psychic communication and religious ceremonies.