A picture of 'Silver Pin - Here Comes the Sun''
  • A picture of\'Silver Pin - Here Comes the Sun\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Pin - Here Comes the Sun\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Pin - Here Comes the Sun\'

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Code: S154p
Price: £125.00
Category: Pins & Tiepins
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Matt Finish: Matt Finish
Pin: Clutch Back

Silver Pin - Here Comes the Sun £125.00

925 Sterling Silver
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There is a well-known phrase in Welsh, ‘daw eto haul ar fryn’ (lit. 'the sun will, once again, shine on the hillside') which is used to express hope and encouragement to keep faith. The story of a customer and friend, Gwilym, a GP who had been looking after Covid patients two days a week with the added challenge of his eldest son being ‘shielded’ at home inspired Rhiannon’s son, Gwern, to design and create a special silver pin with his mother encapsulating this phrase and the NHS rainbow in an expression of hope.

This fundraising piece is hand-finished with three different finishes for the three elements of the design - the rainbow is textured, the sun is polished to a high shine and the hill is given a brushed finished by hand using a rubber point on a pendant drill. It is hallmarked and made to the same high standard as all of our work. While the design is not typically ‘Rhiannon’, it does echo the Celtic spirit and our Welsh artistic tradition by honouring the significance of the number three in its symbology – three elements, three finishes, three charities, three meanings:

An expression of hope for a brighter future, a reminder of loss and difficult times and, whilst we make no claims for its efficacy, it lies within the long tradition of silver being used to make talismanic pieces.