A picture of '18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Llanddwyn Pendant''
A picture of\'18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Llanddwyn Pendant\'

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Code: D911a
Price: £2725.00
Category: Pendants
Medium: 18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 15x24mm
Chain: 18''(45cm) 18ct Gold Trace Chain

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Llanddwyn Pendant £2725.00

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: On demand*
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Llanddwyn means 'the church of Dwynwen' - she is the patron saint of Welsh lovers, similar to St Valentine. She has her own saint's day, on the 25th January, which is celebrated by Welsh people instead of (or as well as) the 14th February. Dwynwen was in love with a man named Maelon, but her father had arranged a different marriage for her. In his anger and frustration, Maelon raped Dwynwen. She retreated to a wood to pray, and was visited in her dreams by an angel, who cured her with a sweet drink. The angel gave the same drink to Maelon, who was turned into a block of ice. When she awoke, God gave her three wishes - the first she used to unfreeze Maelon, the second was that God should answer all requests made by her on behalf of true lovers, the third that she should never wish to be married.

The design contains a heart within the knotwork, which represents the lovers protected by Dwynwen. The knot also has three sides, which represents the three wishes granted to Dwynwen by God.

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