A picture of '18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Love-spoon Earrings''
  • A picture of\'18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Love-spoon Earrings\'
  • A picture of\'18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Love-spoon Earrings\'

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Code: D928e
Price: £995.00
Category: Earrings and Earstuds
Medium: 18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 16 x 5mm
Earrings: 18ct Gold Fish-hooks

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Love-spoon Earrings £995.00

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: On demand*
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Beautiful lovespoon earrings in Rhiannon Welsh Gold, a twist on the old Welsh tradition of giving lovespoons to your beloved.

The tradition of giving lovespoons goes back at least 400 years and involved a suitor carving a spoon for the object of his affections. Over the years they became more elaborate and many symbols were incorporated, each with a special meaning.

In some parts of Wales the term "Sponer" (probably a Welsh influenced form of Spooner) is still used as a synonym for one's boyfriend or girlfriend.

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