A picture of '18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Penfro Ring''
A picture of\'18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Penfro Ring\'

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Price: £2395.00
Category: Rings
Medium: 18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: H - W

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Penfro Ring £2395.00

18ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
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The Welsh for Pembroke is Penfro, meaning 'Head region' - it is a name taken straight from the old legends. In the story of Branwen, which is part of the Mabinogion, there is a great battle between the Welsh and the Irish, fought for the honour of a Welsh princess, who was ill treated by her Irish husband. The Welsh chieftain, a giant named Bendigeidfran ('Blessed Raven'), is killed, as are all but seven of his warriors, but his last instruction is for them to carry his head back to Wales, to a special room in a palace at Gwales in Penfro. So long as they did not open the door facing Cornwall, said Bendigeidfran, they would want for nothing. His warriors stayed there for eighty years, but their curiosity eventually got the better of them. All their sorrow flooded back and they were forced to leave Penfro and to bury the head on the White Mount in London, where the Tower of London now stands. While it remained there it would protect the Island of Britain from further invasion. Ravens have been kept and cared for at the Tower for very many years, and they still have Welsh names.

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