A picture of '9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Myrddon Ring''
A picture of\'9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Myrddon Ring\'

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Code: W933r
Price: (Contact us for a price)
Category: Gemstone Rings
Medium: 9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: H - W

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Myrddon Ring (Contact us for a price)

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Contact us for a price


Due to the choice of gemstones and the scarcity of Welsh Gold, each ring is individually priced by finished weight and the nature of the stone used, so we can only give estimates of price before making the ring.

The choice of gemstone is only here as a guideline, as our Gemstone Expert will be able to find for you any gemstone you could wish for.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement, as every ring is hand made in our workshops in Tregaron to your specifications. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from the time we receive your order.