A picture of 'Silver Annwn Hounds Necklet''
  • A picture of\'Silver Annwn Hounds Necklet\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Annwn Hounds Necklet\'

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Code: S006n
Price: £595.00
Category: Necklets
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 75x40mm
Chain: 16''(40cm) Silver Rope Chain

Silver Annwn Hounds Necklet £595.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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This design’s title comes from the tale of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, part of an ancient collection of British legends called the Mabinogion. While hunting a deer, Pwyll finds that another huntsman’s dogs have claimed the animal before he can reach it. The dogs are of strange appearance with “coats of shining silver-white and ears of blood-red”. Even so, he drives them off the deer, only to find that the dogs belong to Arawn, king of Annwn (the Otherworld). To be forgiven for this offence, Pwyll must change places with the king, reside in Annwn for a year and a day and eliminate Arawn’s enemy there. The mirror-image in the design represents this exchange of identities, which is almost, but not quite, perfect.

The hound figures are based on the Irish Wolfhound, a direct descendant of the earlier hounds of the Celtic chieftains, which still fits closely with descriptions in the Mabinogion and the Irish Sagas.

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