A picture of '18ct Gold Raindrops Earrings''
A picture of\'18ct Gold Raindrops Earrings\'

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Code: E104e
Price: £1495.00
Category: Earrings and Earstuds
Medium: 18ct Gold
Size: 11 x 26mm
Earrings: 18ct Gold Fish-hooks

18ct Gold Raindrops Earrings £1495.00

18ct Gold
Available: On demand*
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This knotwork design is one of a series inspired by traditional Welsh folk-tunes and the dances which accompanied them – intricate patterns woven by a dozen or more dancers in repeating, unending cycles.

The design is named after the song ‘Titrwm Tatrwm’ (which doesn’t mean anything, but sounds like rain falling):

"Titrwm tatrwm, Gwen lliw’r ŵy,
Lliw’r meillion mwyn rwy’n curo
Mae’r gwynt yn oer oddi ar y llyn
O, flodyn y dyffryn, deffro.
Chwyth y tân, mi gynnith toc
Mae hi’n ddrycinog heno."

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