A picture of '18ct Gold White Horse Brooch''
A picture of\'18ct Gold White Horse Brooch\'

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Code: E008b
Price: £1595.00
Category: Brooches
Medium: 18ct Gold
Size: 52 x 14mm
Roller Catch: Yes

18ct Gold White Horse Brooch £1595.00

18ct Gold
Available: On demand*
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The polished parts of this design are an exact representation of the famous White Horse of Uffington, carved into a chalk hillside in ancient times and still maintained by the local community. It is one of the earliest Celtic art forms in Britain, thought to be of religious significance relating to the Celtic Goddess Epona. In the Mabinogion, Rhiannon is mythologically associated with the horse and initially appears riding a magnificent silver-white stallion.

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