A picture of '18ct Gold Celtic Knot Pin ''
A picture of\'18ct Gold Celtic Knot Pin \'

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Code: E001p
Price: £745.00
Category: Pins & Tiepins
Medium: 18ct Gold
Size: 16 x 18mm
Pin: Clutch Back

18ct Gold Celtic Knot Pin £745.00

18ct Gold
Available: Limited stock
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This piece is based on the typical Celtic Knot, formed from one continuous line, which appears on carved stones and in early Christian manuscripts. Rhiannon’s design has a beauty and balance superior to many larger and more complex designs. The pattern is continued on the reverse side, forming a true Celtic Knot.

This design is part of our Celtic Knotwork Collection. Knotwork is probably the best known and most familiar style of Celtic design, but in fact it was a late development in Celtic Art, adopted by the Celts from Eastern countries, then developed and elaborated by Celtic Christian monks from the 7th Century onwards. The intertwined patterns of never-ending lines appealed to the Celts, symbolising their ideas of eternal life and the intricate relationship of humanity with both the divine and natural worlds.

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