A picture of 'Silver Anglia Triskele Pin''
A picture of\'Silver Anglia Triskele Pin\'

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Code: S051p
Price: £95.00
Category: Pins & Tiepins
Medium: Silver
Size: 18x18mm
Pin: Clutch Back

Silver Anglia Triskele Pin £95.00

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This design is a close copy of a small bronze brooch, dating from the 1st Century BC. The original has traces of red enamel in the parts which have been cut out from the design.
The Triskele is a powerful symbolic motif which has been used in the Celtic lands for over 3000 years. Based on a circle divided into three, it represents the core beliefs of the Celts, where all things sacred come in threes and the eternally turning wheel is seen as a cycle of life and rebirth.

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