A picture of 'Silver Herons Brooch''
  • A picture of\'Silver Herons Brooch\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Herons Brooch\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Herons Brooch\'

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Code: S028b
Price: £325.00
Category: Brooches
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 50 x 31mm
Roller Catch: Yes

Silver Herons Brooch £325.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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The heron, crane or stork features very commonly in Celtic art, reflecting its importance in legend and folklore. Throughout the Celtic lands it is mythologically associated with the creation of life. It is an elusive bird which is said to appear or disappear at will and to be guardian of all the secrets of life. Some say that it keeps these secrets in a little bag and that it stands on one leg in rivers because it has lost the bag in the water.

It is one of the few ancient Celtic beliefs to have persisted through the centuries until today. During the Celtic Christian period, the stork was recognised as the sacred bird of St Columba, and it featured very prominently in the Book of Kells. In modern times, its association with life has survived in the legend of the stork, which is said to bring babies into the world. In the Welsh language its name ‘Creyr’ literally means ‘Creator’.

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