A picture of 'Silver Curlews Brooch''
  • A picture of\'Silver Curlews Brooch\'
  • A picture of\'Silver Curlews Brooch\'

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Code: S007b
Price: £495.00
Category: Brooches
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 48 x 45mm
Roller Catch: Yes

Silver Curlews Brooch £495.00

925 Sterling Silver
Available: Limited stock
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Curlews are often seen in the uplands and boglands of the Celtic countries, and this may be why there are a number of legends about them. In one old tale, Saint Beuno was returning from Anglesey to Wales, when he dropped his favourite book of sermons into the sea. When he arrived on the mainland, he found the precious book drying on a stone, with a curlew watching over it. The saint blessed the curlew, and it is said by some that this is why it is so difficult to find a curlew’s nest.

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