A picture of '9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin Cufflinks''
A picture of\'9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin Cufflinks\'

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Code: W914c
Price: £1695.00
Category: Cufflinks
Medium: 9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Size: 17x17mm
Swivel Backs: Yes

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold Merlin Cufflinks £1695.00

9ct Rhiannon Welsh Gold
Available: Limited stock
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This original design is based on ancient British legends about Merlin, the famous magician and seer. Merlin was later incorporated into the Arthurian romances of the European tradition, as King Arthur's druid or magician, but there are older legends about him, originally written in Welsh. One of the earliest is Merlin's Prophecy, which appears at the end of the Mabinogion, in which Merlin foresees the Saxon conquest of Britain and its Celtic peoples in a vision of a red dragon and white dragon fighting above Snowdonia.

This design combines the familiar Celtic Triskele motif with symbols of dragons, which are often closely associated with Merlin. The dragon is also, of course, the national symbol of Wales.

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