The Problem with Premium

One of our challenges as a business is the ongoing difficulty of consistently sourcing premium materials. We have always refused to compromise on the quality of the products we produce and insist upon only the very best materials and fittings – just as top chefs know that the quality of their ingredients will impact on the food they produce no matter how talented they are so we know that our skills are best expressed with the best possible materials. 

Recently it is Emeralds that have presented the greatest obstacle. It is close to five years since we designed and prototyped our Rhiannon Welsh Gold limited edition Enlli pendant. This is a beautiful design with a lovely square cut Emerald central to its appearance, story and symbolism. Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island), known as the island of 20,000 saints, is a green jewel lying off the Welsh coast – nothing but the best Emeralds would do. 

It has taken an age but we have persisted and finally found a supplier for the 25 extra fine square cut Emeralds with excellent colour and clarity that we need. We will acquire thirty matching emeralds as these are the most challenging of precious stones to work with and we fully expect to lose a few in the setting. As an added bonus the stones we’ve found are completely traceable to source at the Belmont mine in Brazil. This mine itself remains a family owned enterprise, one which has the highest ethical standards and which lies at the very heart of its community. We will certainly be using Belmont in future to supply high quality emeralds whenever we need them – via our gemstone suppliers in Hatton Garden, London who are also a second generation family company like ourselves and Belmont! 

Enlli itself will now be launched as a design this year - it will be a limited edition of 25.