Men’s Jewellery

A lot has been made recently of men’s jewellery as a growth area for retailers in the sector – the next big thing. I find this quite strange as men have worn jewellery prominently and in quantity for millennia. 

The Celts, Romans, Egyptians and everyone else adorned themselves lavishly and extravagantly. Often as symbols of status and wealth or to show affiliation to certain groups or beliefs. In my view nothing has changed. 

There is a move to target men with fashion jewellery however – it mirrors the marketing efforts by traditional cosmetic companies who also seem to have decided that men are a juicy fruit ripe for the plucking in the eternal quest for market growth. 

I say to everyone, male and female, don’t be fashion led and instead choose the right pieces for yourself. 

Well-made jewellery should last a lifetime so the vagaries of fashion will ebb and flow whilst a piece with relevance and meaning will be treasured whichever way the wind is blowing. 

If we can make those pieces for you then I will be over the moon but if our designs and craftmanship are not for you then so be it – find the things that fit for you and make them yours.