Lifelong Treasures

My eldest son finished his A-levels this week and this has made me think about what we should give him as a lifelong gift to mark the end of his time at school. 

A lot of our customers buy Rhiannon pieces for sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews and nieces to mark such special occasions. I know that these are treasured and often worn daily for decades. Our very own Angharad in the Rhiannon office has worn her handmade name necklace on an almost daily basis for years and years. Indeed, it is partly because we know of so many who do wear their pieces every day for decades that we remain as determined as ever to make jewellery which lasts a lifetime! 

Finding the right piece for the right person is challenging though. My son has simply borrowed a nice pair of silver cufflinks and a matching lapel pin from me for a school leavers function tonight. Perhaps it’s trickier for me to gift jewellery as it is a part of daily life for all of us in the family! However, I would hope that we would have something suitable for all the non-jewellers out there. 

I will certainly be looking for something special which will be a reminder for my son, throughout his life, of a key time as he crosses the threshold into the responsibilities of adulthood.  

I am confident that our own jewellery, from the simplest designs through to the larger statement pieces, provide this – my challenge though is finding something elsewhere to fit the bill for my own son (and later on, the other four children coming through!). 

Suggestions welcome!