Going Social

This week I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to give us some feedback on our initial social media content – mostly positive I’m glad to say!  

To all those who have wondered ‘Where’s the Welsh?’ do not worry – it is coming soon! Before long the wonders of modern digital technology will mean that for those of you using Facebook, the platform will choose which language post to show you based on your language preference. A neat trick that I learnt about recently myself as part of my still very steep learning curve when it comes to social media.  

We will add specific Welsh language channels to the other platforms as this trick has not yet been duplicated by them. 

During the Summer I will also be adding a Welsh language blog to sit next to this one – It is likely that this will have different content as I would rather write anew than translate which means some of you may even enjoy reading both if you can spare the time.  

Other changes are also afoot with content being more tailored to the individual platforms. 

Today’s blog entry was originally going to be about some of the challenges we face as a company in sourcing the best quality precious stones (in this case, Emeralds for our soon to be launched Enlli limited edition pendant in Rhiannon Welsh Gold) but I feel the mechanics of the whole social media project is itself enough of a challenge to merit at least one more blog post! 

 Watch this space for the Emerald saga – I will come to it I promise.