The Eisteddfod

The Eisteddfod tradition is an uniquely Welsh cultural treasure. This week the flower of Welsh youth are gathered at the Urdd national eisteddfod in Mid Wales showing off their vast collective talent. In our brave new digital world every competition, as well as highlights, are available to watch, courtesy of S4C, anywhere in the world.  

There are competitions for everyone to take part – singing, poetry, writing, dancing, music, acting and much, much more. There is an opportunity for everyone to shine and something for everyone.  

As a small nation with only 3 million inhabitants Wales always punches well above its weight globally in the creative arts and there can be no doubt that the eisteddfodau play a large part in providing the platform and the foundation that makes this possible.  

Here at Rhiannon we make handmade solid silver medals for the winners of six of the main competitions in the Urdd eisteddfod. We also make medals and full-size crowns for other eisteddfodau. The making of a crown is a quite a task with the pattern being hand cut out of a large sheet of sterling silver before being shaped and finished. 

Hopefully we will have some video of one of these as we make it over the next few months – keep following our social media feeds to get a snapshot of this creative process! 

Notwithstanding our small creative contribution as silversmiths the real heroes are all those eisteddfod competitors, young and old, winners and runners-up. It is they and the small army of teachers, coaches, accompanists, judges, organisers and many others who sustain and maintain this vibrant, rewarding, living centerpiece of uniquely Welsh culture. Hats off to them and long may it continue, grow and allow the nation to express its charm and beauty to the world!