Father’s Day Call!

As it’s Father’s Day this Sunday I thought I might share some personal thoughts on fatherhood in the blog this week. Whilst I am no authority on parenting by any means, I do have five children and this does give me a small insight into the trials and tribulations faced by parents everywhere!  

I should start by declaring that I am not persuaded by the Father’s Day concept – I’ve always felt that it might be a bit of a made up event, inspired by corporate and commercial motives, as much as by any genuine desire for a day to show appreciation to us hard-working dads. This is not to say that we don’t deserve some praise and appreciation every now and then – I’m fairly modern in my outlook and I do try to do as much as I can to help and guide my children, provide for them and split all the other jobs and duties that arise in a busy household. However, I do not kid myself for a minute that my contribution in any way approaches that of their mother – she is the one who holds it all together all the time.  

As a parent I have also come to appreciate my own mother’s efforts far more now that I realise exactly what we put her through (I’m one of four). As my children continue to find new and interesting ways to torture and tease us, my respect for my mother increases exponentially!  

So, my clarion call to you other modern Dads out there is to spoil the children’s mother this Father’s Day. 

I know they have Mothering Sunday too but frankly they deserve it more than we do.